Everything you need to know about DogFender

1. Is the DogFender collar safe?

Yes, DogFender is extremely safe. It’s passed all its legal requirements.

2. Will my dog receive a static charge?

No, definitely not. Why ? The DogFender collar is designed to give the static charge outwards.

How the DogFender static charge is given (video)

3. How is the static charge delivered?

It’s delivered by up to 44 contact studs throughout the length of the collar, only if direct mouth contact is made with 2 or more of the contact studs, a static charge would be delivered directly into the aggressor’s mouth, to be safely and swiftly repelled.

How the DogFender static charge is given (video)

4. Are there any long-term effects given to the attacking dog?

No. DogFender’s static charge is less than the static shock you can receive when touching a car door handle.

5. How safe is DogFender in a family environment?

The DogFender collar has been designed to be left on at all times, as you would with a normal dog collar.
There are no manual buttons on the DogFender collar.
As a safety feature, you can only turn the collar on by using the remote control in a swiping motion.

Swiping on and off (video)

1. Is the DogFender collar rechargeable?

Yes, both the remote control and the DogFender collar are USB fast charging.

Charging DogFender collar and remote (video)

2. Is DogFender waterproof?

Yes, DogFender is IP68 tested.

Waterproof (video)

3. What are the water sensors and what do they do?

The water sensors are continuously monitoring your dog’s fur moisture levels.

If water moisture goes beyond a threshold, the water sensors will automatically put the DogFender collar into a dormant mode (indicated by flashing amber LED lights.) which as a safety feature will prevent the user from activating one of the three defence levels.

4. Are the night lights remote control operated?

Yes. DogFender is the world’s first practical dog collar with remote controlled operated night lights.

Night lights (video)

5. Can I use the night lights in dormant mode?

Yes, absolutely. DogFender has been designed so that you can use night lights in any mode.

6. Why are there 3 defence levels?

The defence levels are to fend off all types of dog aggression: small, medium and large dog.

Defence levels (video)

1. How much does DogFender cost?

£84.95 inc VAT and Free UK mainland shipping

2. Is there a money back guarantee and what are my refund rights?

We are happy to provide a full refund within 14 days of purchase.
We will require proof of purchase, full original packaging and product must be in perfect condition.
All return postage costs to be paid by customer.

3. What’s the warranty?

Manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.
Register within 14 days of purchase on the DogFender website.

4. Are there accessories?

Yes, DogFender is designing lots of exciting accessories.
The first of many accessories will be a wide selection of collar colours.