Our Defence Collar

How to use our dog defence collar.

Once the owner activates 1 of 3 defence levels to protect against either a small, medium or large dog attack, the DogFender collar will generate a 360 degree static barrier. This will give immediate protection to the vulnerable throat and neck area.
If it is a false alarm, the owner can deactivate the DogFender collar at any time.

Why the DogFender collar is so effective.

The DogFender collar is so effective for a number of reasons. It’s unique patented design. How the static discharge is delivered and where the charge is focused, directly into the mouth of the aggressor.
If the attacking dog attempts to bite around the most vulnerable areas, the throat and neck, also known as the ‘quick kill point’, the aggressor will make contact with the DogFender collar. When contact has been made with the DogFender collar, it will automatically deliver a static discharge directly and only into the mouth of the aggressor without any long-term effects. NO BITE…. NO STATIC DISCHARGE.
The mouth is the most sensitive part of the body due to the high number of sensors called receptors. These receptors have an extremely low threshold to any changes made within the mouth and will overwhelm the brain with signals resulting in the aggressor being deterred and retreating.