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Our Mission

At DogFender, our mission is to provide safety, comfort and confidence both to the pet and owner. Your furry friend needs a safety device that can protect them from severe dog attacks. Therefore, we bring to you the world’s first safety defence collar named ‘DogFender’. Purchase our safe Dog Collar today and give your pet the safety and freedom they deserve!

Our Company Background

Founded in 2018, by Peter Antonio how has had previous experience in design and production. The dogFender collar has taken 5 years to bring to market. It has undergone rigorous testing as it is the world’s first water resistant dog defence collar. DogFender is designed to give you and your furry friend confidence and reassurance.

The dogfender

Made from durable materials, it withstands even the most aggressive dog attack. It is user-friendly and is available in three sizes.

Give your dog a worry-free walking experience by gifting the world’s first defence system named ‘DogFender’. It releases a static charge directly into and only the attacker’s mouth, without any long-term effect. The dogFender collar has three defence levels, keeping you and your pet safe. Our Smart Dog Collar features bright, night lights for evening visibility and protection. The DogFender collar is operated using a remote control, making it safe and convenient to use in any situation. This defence system has been rigorously tested to provide maximum comfort, safety and protection.

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