The Fight To Ban Training Collars Has Ended

• England is set to ban hand-held electric shock training collars starting from February 1st, 2024.
• Such training collars administer electric shocks to dogs wearing the collar, with shocks lasting up to 11 seconds reaching a two-mile radius.
• Shockingly, around 5% of UK dog owners utilize these collars for training purposes.
• Wales and France have already banned training collars, and Northern Ireland advises against such aversive training techniques.
• The Kennel Club’s decade-long campaign and Dogs Trust’s support played a role in the ban’s introduction.
• Some advocate for more comprehensive regulation encompassing the sale and distribution of these training collars.
• Yet the primary goal of this ban is to safeguard animal welfare by putting an end to the use of devices that can inflict harm and suffering on dogs.

What Are Electric Shock Collars?

Electric shock collars are devices used as a training method to control behaviour or punish a dog for undesirable behaviour.

The device delivers an electric or static shock to the dog’s neck via a remote control or an automatic trigger.



How do Training collars work?
The collar’s two prongs penetrate through to the dog’s skin and serve as the conduits for administering the electric shock to the dog wearing the collar.

The Kennel Club’s View
“We fully support a total ban on the use and sale of electric shock collars. As such, we have extensively lobbied – and continue to lobby – the relevant authorities to prohibit shock collars from being used to train dogs.

We are firmly against the use of any aversive training devices. Instead, we recommend that pet owners and trainers use positive, rewards-based tools and methods when training their dogs.

Rewards-based training methods are proven to be effective and do not compromise animal health or welfare. We recommend that dog owners find out more about The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and/or find a Kennel Club accredited instructor before embarking on their training journey.”

DogFender’s View:
The debate surrounding this matter has been highly charged, resulting in a ten-year delay in implementing the ban.
Our perspective is that the crux of the issue does not revolve around the training collars themselves but rather hinges on the responsibility of dog owners.
Much like humans, dogs display a wide range of behaviours, varying from positive to negative, which adds complexity to the situation.
Training and behavioural correction collars can have merit when employed correctly by compassionate and accountable owners, especially since not all dogs can be easily trained.
In cases where training isn’t feasible, euthanasia is often the only alternative, a course of action we do not endorse.
While we endorse the ban due to the misuse of training collars, we also acknowledge the failures of major organizations in addressing this issue, often overlooking the safety of responsible owners and their dogs.
From our perspective, the current dog-related laws require a comprehensive overhaul.
We suggest that at least one family member who owns a dog weighing over 20kg should attend a training program and meet specific criteria to ensure they can effectively manage and understand their dog.
This requirement could help mitigate the problems associated with dog-related crimes and behavioural issues.
It is astonishing that, unlike many other aspects of life where licenses are mandatory, prominent organizations have not advocated for a law that compels every dog owner to obtain a license, demonstrating their commitment to responsible ownership.
If it were up to us, we would prioritize amending this law as a pivotal step in enhancing the situation and ensuring the safety of responsible owners and their dogs.

Why is DogFender Not Banned? What Sets it Apart From Training Collars?

Training Collars:
• The legislation explicitly prohibits the use of E collars, which administer electric shocks to dogs wearing them.
• These training collars can deliver electric shocks for up to 11 seconds from a distance of two miles.
• Typically employed for training or controlling behaviour purposes.

DogFender Defence System:
• DogFender is not classified as a training collar, and it has never been marketed as having any training capabilities.
• It is solely a Defence System designed to protect dogs and their owners from sudden attacks by other dogs or animals.
• When activated by the owner, DogFender can only deliver a static discharge if an attacking dog or animal makes physical mouth contact with the DogFender collar.
• The static discharge is directed exclusively into the mouth of the attacking dog or animal.
• The dog wearing the DogFender Defence system cannot receive a static discharge.
• The static pulse discharge, if delivered, lasts for only 0.05 seconds, and does not cause long-term effects, wounds, or scars.
• The range of our Defence System is limited to a maximum of 40 meters for safety.
• Learn more via our FAQ’s

Overview of the DogFender Defence System:
While DogFender may be categorized as an E collar, its operation is fundamentally different.
DogFender precisely targets the part of an animal that can cause severe, life-changing injuries or death – the mouth.

Why DogFender is so effective:
DogFender employs patented technology to accurately target only the mouth, being the most sensitive part of any animal’s anatomy, rich in receptors with a low tolerance for any changes. This triggers an unpleasant sensation in the brain, compelling even large or aggressive dogs to retreat immediately without causing lasting harm. Owners can safely intervene when both dogs are separated. DogFender remains in standby mode most of the time and only activates the defence mode during an attack.

The benefits of having a DogFender Defence System:
• Protects your dog from attacks,
• Can assist to Prevent severe injuries or death.
• Prevents owners from intervening and risking harm.
• DogFender’s patented technology precisely targets the mouth of the attacking dog.
• Enhances your dog’s outdoor walking experience.
• Restores confidence to owners.
• User-friendly and practical.
• DogFender offers powerful remote-controlled night lights.
• Waterproof.
• Sleek, compact, and light weight.
• Low static discharge with a big impact.
• Fully rechargeable.
• Light weight and safe.

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Beautifully styled, Quality second to none.
Beautifully styled, Quality second to none

About DogFender:
“From a terrifying experience, an amazing idea was born…”
DogFender was born out of a personal experience.
It all started one day when Murphey, my now deceased Border Terrier, was out on a daily walk when, out of nowhere, a huge attacking dog pinned him to the ground, and the next thing you know, we were both admitted! Murph’ to the vets and myself to the hospital.
It was a long and gruelling journey. Murphey was anxious and displayed behavioural problems. I was also deeply traumatised by the suddenness and rawness of the event. And so, you see, such is how DogFender came into being as anyone who’s had the misfortune of being caught in a dog attack situation knows it can all happen in the blink of an eye, and so now it is my mission to prevent you from going through what Murphey and I did that day. Read the full story here.